How to Create Great Gated Content From Existing Content

If your business is committed to content, you’re probably sitting on a pile of e-books, white papers, and maybe even videos. And chances are, you’re struggling to get people to download them. Often, their promotion makes you anxious. You write more blog posts and social content to promote the original content and hope for small, incremental progress. Wouldn’t it be better to find new ways to bring people to the high-value content you’ve already created? In this post, I break down a process used at Mention that brought us 5,000 leads in a day and 8,000 leads in the first week, plus links in major publications and plenty of buzz online. All results were from content that we (and others) had already written. Repurpose plan in a nutshell This strategy is open to interpretation, but the key steps include: Choose a core content topic. Identify your best gated content […]


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