Words Matter to Executive Buyers (More Than You Think)

Words Matter to Executive Buyers Headline: Unfortunately, lazy informal language is becoming quite prevalent in today’s business world. Don’t fall for it. If you believe you have good-to-great business language skills, leverage that communication capability to gain a competitive selling advantage versus your peers. For the past 7 years my goal has been to write thoughtful blog posts, free from hyperbole and emotion, and full of actionable suggestions for B2B sales and marketing professionals. I’ve tried to be frank yet uplifting by sharing my 25+ years of experience from the “other side of the desk” as a CXO Buyer. I genuinely want to help thoughtful B2B marketers gain more relevance with “buy-side” customer executives. Looking back, I can’t recall a post that could be characterized as an EMOTIONAL RANT. Rants have no redeeming value, other than to make their authors feel better. Furthermore, rants are not inspiring or motivational […]


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