The Business Podcast Primer: The Right Way to Do What Is So Often Wrong

Nothing has more of an identity crisis than the B2B podcast. And that makes far too many podcasts more appalling than appealing. How—when the format seems to be “having a moment”—can I suggest such a contrarian viewpoint? Easy. I spent decades in broadcast journalism, and podcasts think they’re that. They’re not. Whether you’re putting together “tape at 11” or a story for a weekly news magazine, you’ve got the same responsibility to viewers. On the very most basic level, you have to tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them. Unless a viewer is recording the show and can rewind, you’ve got to make sure you make your point on a first hearing or viewing, and the repetition ensures that happens. On TV, of course, visuals help tell that story. That’s not an available advantage in a podcast. And that’s why it’s so vital to stick to the subject and the most vital facts. You have to use words to draw pictures, and that takes particular skill. Audio Pictures My father was the perfect example of someone who did that very well. He’d do intros to songs on his […]


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