Integrated Marketing V.S Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing in general, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Consequently, digital marketing should not exist in a vacuum. The coordination of multiple messages across different digital and analog channels will yield the highest return for your efforts and maximize awareness, intent, conversion, etc. This is the essence of integrated marketing.

However, as you have probably noticed, the growth of the number of digital channel and marketing tools is exponential; consequently, the complexity of marketing channel integration has also grown exponentially. With affordable artificial intelligence tools now entering the field, this trend is not about to stop anytime soon.

When looking at the complexity of the field, it might be tempting to completely forgo this side of your business; however, the upsides are tremendous and the downsides of not pursuing an integrated marketing program are abysmal. Companies that invest resource and time to pursue a substantial program will develop a competitive advantage that will set them apart.

How do I choose the proper message, marketing mix, and tools?

This answer lies in between strategy and marketing/data science. First, we need to understand your product(s)/service(s) and audience. How does your audience split? Who are they? How are your product(s)/service(s) answering the needs and desires of the different customer segments? Is there a gap between perceived added value and actual added value?

When that has been established, we need to look at the competition to understand your competitive advantage and the differentiation between your product and theirs.

Subsequently, we need to understand your strategic goals and how the limitation of resources and time affects the scope of your program.

Using market research, surveys and the data available within your company we can build strategies, tactics, and data science models that will help you fully leverage the tools available to you, and come to an integrated solution adapted to your circumstances.

Another point, marketing is not a one-way communication. It is as essential to find the proper message and marketing channels of communication as it is to listen to the appropriate audience and to adapt the offering, product(s) and service(s) to their needs.

It sounds long, complicated, and expensive!

It can indeed be lengthy and costly, and so are most of the things worse doing. However, there a probably a few low hanging fruits with a high ROI that we can help you tackle before you fully commit yourself to the digital transformation process. For example, if you have somewhat of an online presence and a slow website, shaving a few seconds from the webpages loading time can make a drastic difference in your inbound traffic and conversion rate. A few well-timed, well placed and well-written pieces of content can also make a significant difference.

How does Modaffinity help?

Modaffinity helps you balanced the different variables in the equation for you to come with a solution adapted to your needs and your constraints. We also provide the product and project management necessary to implement the solution that you have chosen.


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