Modaffinity bridges the gaps between digital marketing,
marketing and strategy consulting. We aim to provide
our clients with integrative solutions that
align with their many needs.

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We always aim to provide intelligent and comprehensive solutions to your needs

From marketing automation to AI, we aim to advise you and help you leverage new technologies in a pragmatical way that aligns with a business strategy that makes sense and that you can clearly understand.

Understand & Plan


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Select your Tools, Channels, and Implement

Digital & Integrated Marketing

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Understand, Analyze and Optimize

Data & Marketing Science

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Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing, customer relationship management, content management system, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, etc. The list is long and getting longer, and whether you are looking to reach customers, to gain insights or to explore new markets, you need someone who understands technology and business strategy at your side.

Digital agencies understand very little about strategy and 99% of strategy consultants understand nothing about technology. Yet, in today business world,  those two fields have never been more intertwined. At Modaffinity, we know strategy and technology, and we aspire to design the solutions that our partners need.



Do you want to learn more about strategy, business, technology and how they intertwined? Do you want to keep up with the latest business and technology trends?

As partners and advisors, we think that it is part of our mission to inform and educated on our side of the business. Please, check our blog and curated articles.

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Modaffinity is an innovative, full-service strategic marketing consultancy firm. Our mission is to deliver result oriented marketing strategies for our clients’ products, services and brands by focusing on well-defined goals and a collaborative approach.

Modaffinity works with your management team in order to identify your specific needs and tailor the best solutions for your business. We work with a network of world-class industry experts, consultants and service providers to assure high-quality service in every aspect of the implementation plan.

Modaffinity delivers and implements a winning strategic plan that focuses on best utilizing your resources as well as, the technology and media channels currently available, which are relevant to your business!

Our main goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship with our partners, thus we are flexible and opened to discuss the best solutions to suit our clients’ needs and realities.

Mathias Faux

Owner and Lead Consultant at Modaffinity
[email protected]

Mathias Faux is the founder and CEO of Modaffinity and has over ten years of experience in digital & integrated marketing, business strategy, product management data analysis and helping companies adopt new technologies that support business growth. Mathias is fluent in both French and English. He holds a B.S. in Operations Management from the University of Massachusetts and an M.B.A from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Let’s start the conversation. Whether you have an established program or you are looking to start one, whether you are looking for a go-to-market strategy or you are trying to grow an existing audience, whether you have one employee or a hundred, whether you have a data strategy or just thinking about it, we can help.

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